The Tetons at Jackson Lake

The Tetons at Jackson Lake
This is where I started my surveying at the base of the Tetons in Wyoming in 1966. I was 16 years young at the time

Welcome to this Blog

Welcome to the one and only "Wyoming Stories and Beyond".
Michael Kastner was raised in Cheyenne,Wyoming and had the opportunity to live in other parts of the Great State of Wyoming.
He also lived in Laramie, Casper, Pinedale, Rawlins, Jackson and Torrington Wyoming. Later moved to Scottsbluff Nebraska were he bacame a "Wyobrascan"
His life has been filled with some very exciting and fun filled events that he will share with us.
Michael was born at Great Lakes Naval Hospital in North Chicago Illinois. His Mother was a Journalist in the United States Navy.
Shortly after his birth, two weeks to be exact. He and his mother returned to Cheyenne, Wyoming where this fun filled story begins....

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Wyoming State Flag

Wyoming State Flag

New Mexico USA

New Mexico USA
Living in New Mexico and my work place


Wiederspahn funeral home cheyenne wyoming.
When I was 5 years young I remember my mother and grandmother takin' me to Wiederspahn's. I remember it was the first time I had ever seen someone the had passed on from this world. She was a girl the same age as I. She has died from an illness that I dont remember. I remember goin' up to her casket and lookin' at her. While my mother and grandmother had their backs turned I touched the little girl on the arm. I remember it to this day. I said good bye to her. This would begin my encounters with the many people that I have seen and helped pass-on from this earth...

Here is a list of all the people that I have know,in this life,that have passed on...

1.The little girl at Wederspan funeral home.
2.Joy Kastner /Step father
3.Mary Kastner /Grand mother
4.Uncle Aaron /Uncle
5.Aunt Mary /Aunt
6.Rick Kastner /cousin
7.Bob Kastner Sr /Uncle
8.Melody Kastner /cousin
9.Max Lujon /grandfather
10.Naomi Lujon /grandmother
11.Ben Leeper /setp father
12.Al Stinier /friend
13.Scott Girard roommate/friend
14.Rick Haymaker /friend
15.Roy Britton /father in law
16.Cora Britton /mother in law
17.Kathy Britton / sister in law
18.Clyde Driscol /friend and counsoler
19.Dr Givolia /friend
20.Dan Stokes /friend and hero
21.Helen Stokes /friend
22.Ann Stokes /friend
23.Gil Stewart /wife
24.David Stewart /fater in law
25.Peggy Bates /Gils aunt
26.Sonny Brave Eagle /friend
27.Bruce Earnshaw /Best friend
28.Fernando Varos /friend
29.Peter Garcia /AA friend
30.Ray Kallman Best friend
31.Anna Marie Stricker / sister in law
32.David Davagio /Marine buddy
33.Uleses Manawal / friend
34.Louis Manawal /friend
35.Barbara Earnshaw /friend
36.Marshall Earnshaw /friend
37.Van /AA friend
38.Noel Spratlin/ AA friend
39.Neil / AA friend
40.Debbie Kastner /sister in law
41.Kathy Tripple /friend
42.Dave Willith /friend
43.Jerimah Kundutson /friend
44.Lee Roy Stricker/ father in law
45.Virgil Ziegler / friend
46.Nova Hardesty /friend
47.Harold Hardesty /friend
48.Audrey /AA friend
49.Agnus Zubal /friend
50.Jim Bordeaux /friend
51.Milly Walker /friend
52.Brian Tottenhoff /freind
53.Salvador Bailey /friend
54.Margerett Boyde /friend
55.Chris Robinson /friend
56.Binky short /friend
57.Loma climber /friend
58.Dennis Trumble / friend